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New Media Do More Than Communicate Value

When most of us consider the role that media play in corporate or even in personal value creation and branding, we think of it in terms of how it can communicate¬†about the value company provides, and not so much how … Continue reading

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how to make the most of being a n00b

Here’s what happens when you bring a person with a background in creative writing and education into a business organization: You end up having to stop every couple of minutes to explain some simple term or clarify some obvious idea.

I should know: I’m the n00b who’s slowing everything down. Continue reading

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Social Media Doesn’t Solve Policy Problems

Assuming Kevin Smith’s version of his Southwest Airlines experience is accurate, social media is neither the fix nor the blame for a policy that results in passengers not being allowed to fly. Continue reading

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Fear of Twitter?

I have spoken with lots of people over the last couple of years about the interplay between new media and organizations, and i have received lots of different responses, ranging from blind optimism (“Social media is the future of business!”) … Continue reading

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