Digital Fluency a Necessary Skill for PR Pros

The skills these folks are talking about are what we have started calling “digital fluency.” The focus here is on marketing and public relations, but it is becoming increasingly important to have these skills in all functions of the organization to promote collaboration, internal communication, innovation, etc.

One way to get these people into an organization is to hire them. Another is to develop these fluencies throughout the existing organization over time. Here are some specific examples of the different types of fluencies from the conversation:

Innovation Fluency (ability to rapidly but critically reflect, generate creative ideas and put them into practice) : “We’re no longer looking for someone who can deliver the perfectly-crafted message, or who can make the perfect video that perfectly sums up a brand’s message or idea..”

Interaction Fluency (the ability to build and maintain relationships with networks of people): “We’re looking for people who have come from online culture–who understand what makes an online community tick–who knows the rules of engagement instinctively on the web, and who can translate that into strategic counsel for different brands.”

Inspiration Fluency (the ability to understand what motivates other people, and how to tap into those motivations): “We’re constantly trying to get into the heads of the people we’re engaging in, in order to serve them best.”

Involvement Fluency (the ability to understand other people’s strengths): “The easiest way to find those people isn’t by posting a job listing on Media Bistro. It’s by, as an agency person, spending as much of my time as possible in and around those communities on the web.”

Imagination Fluency (the ability to imagine and strategically move people toward a possible future): “’re tasked with not only sparking conversation and engaging in conversation, but in distilling the feedback..into actionable business intelligence.”

How about you? What do you think of this video? Do you agree that these are important skills?

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