Great Managers Are Digitally Fluent (Reason 1)

Reason 1: Understanding Employees

Most of your employees live in digital culture [1] outside of your organization that tends to lean toward the development and use of open source software, the use of massive collaboration, the viral spread of videos, the love of practical jokes, the rapid coordination of protest, the use of digitally-scheduled meet-ups, the crowdsourcing of media ratings, the fracturing of messaging, the formation of social networks, the proliferation of micro-messages and many other things that are probably different from the culture inside of your organization.

Your employees’ participation in this culture affects how they see themselves, your organization and their world, just like their participation in the so-called television culture, the telephone culture, the radio culture and the book culture. (these co-existed, of course, but you get the point)

Great managers understand the culture (and the world) of their employees. To do that, they must become fluent in that culture through active participation. Great managers today will only stay great if they find ways to actively participate in digital culture.

[1] We could split hairs about what that word means, but for now let’s assume that i’m referring to the set of values and practices that we can see occurring frequently.

Reason 2: Decision Making

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