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The “Go Further” links will link to a page that provides further opportunities to learn, discuss, practice or share things that will help a person or organization in a specific area. Some activities will provide knowledge in the form of case studies, tips or research reports. Other activities will provide specific steps designed to improve a certain ability or accomplish a specific goal. Still other activities will link a person to other content or a training partner. Here an example of an activity page designed to improve a person’s ability to rapidly innovate, which is a surprisingly important part of digital fluency.

Iter-8-tion Exercise

Practice generating ideas quickly, choosing the best of several to share publicly.
At first glance, play may seem like a frivolous skill for a professional, but it is critical to success in the digital age. The more able people are to make quick corrections to small experiments, the better their organizations will be in adapting to a fast-moving world. Especially for a perfectionist, it can be difficult to share incomplete thoughts or casual interests with other people. This is particularly true when using digital media, where an electronic record likely will exist beyond that moment. Digital fluency requires us to be able to share information, especially when we are trying to get answers to a question or work on solutions to a problem.

Improve your

  • Innovation
  • Interactions

Success could be

  • 2 people respond to you
  • you like your last idea better than the first


  1. Write down 4 short ideas you have for improving your life. Throw them all away and write 4 more (e.g., Eat more vegetables).
    [2 minutes]
  2. Log into your favorite social network and post one idea to your friends, fans, or followers (e.g., Should I eat more vegetables? What do you guys think?).
    [1 minute]
  3. An hour later, check for responses. Use any feedback along with your own reflection to alter the way you re-share your idea (e.g., Since Joe says green vegetables are healthiest, I am thinking of eating more green vegetables.).

2 Responses to Activity Page

  1. Nikolai says:

    I really like this.Once I saw one fmuoas Lecturer in Taiwan who uses his tablet PC during his lectures seamlessly. He just opened a notepad application, draw concept on one page just like drawing on the whiteboard using different color and pen width., Than he just jumped to another new page for next idea and diagram. It is amazing, super powerful in a lecture hall with a lot a people with similar experience like small classroom with whiteboard. (I even consider to buy a tablet PC, and give up because of price and spec.)Some quick comments to your video:1. If the final platform will be YouTube video, how about try using different screen proportion? 16:9 will give you more space to describe stuff.2. Color and different width of stroke.

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