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Empowering People in the Digital Age – Involvement Fluency

Any collective endeavor (doing business, collaborating on a project, etc) requires a certain amount of what we call involvement fluency, or the ability to empower other people to accomplish shared objectives. As with the other fluencies in our digital fluency … Continue reading

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Digital Fluency for Alignment

Changes in culture and technology tend to break things in organizations that were previously working just fine. In our research and client work so far, we’ve seen a few different types of breakdowns related to the increasing pervasiveness of digital … Continue reading

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Social Media Doesn’t Solve Policy Problems

Assuming Kevin Smith’s version of his Southwest Airlines experience is accurate, social media is neither the fix nor the blame for a policy that results in passengers not being allowed to fly. Continue reading

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Remixing Rule of Thumb and Scientific Management

As a half-time academic, there is a constant tension in my head between the need to produce ideas and tools which lean toward usefulness and ones that lean toward scientific soundness.  These two types of ideas are not, of course, … Continue reading

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