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Losing a Heroine

I am of the opinion that every person and every organization should have at least one hero or heroine. For the SociaLens team, Elinor Ostrom is that person. She passed away this week in our home city of Bloomington, Indiana. … Continue reading

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Questioning Best Practices

There is still a lot of talk about best practices for digital marketing, measuring social media ROI, constructing an online brand, etc. The implicit assumption is that there are actually best practices at all. Implicit in that assumption is a related assumption … Continue reading

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Kinship-Like Practices Are Important In Complex Times: Lessons from a Merchant of Venice

In the absence of sufficient ability to control [1] a complex situation, humans tend to fall back on personal kinship networks as a means of improving their chances. The jilted lover returns to his parents for comfort. The wounded professional … Continue reading

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Great Managers are Digitally Fluent (Reason 2)

Reason 1: Understanding Employees Reason 2: Decision Making A C-Level person in the 1970′s who had never watched television, or a manager in the 1940′s who had not used a telephone, or a business leader in the 1990′s who had … Continue reading

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Turning TEDxBloomington Ideas Into Action

TEDxBloomington was a great event that brought together local government officials, citizens, students, researchers, celebrities, employees, business owners, to share knowledge about today and ideas for the future. A question that was on many lips and on even more minds … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name?

What is the difference between new media and old media? Between informal learning and formal learning? Between a business and a university? Between journalism and marketing? Between a professional and an amateur? Between a designer and a coder? Between social … Continue reading

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Trade-Offs and New Media

As new media begin to be used widely, it is helpful for us to consider the views of people who feel that new media will change the world for the better, and those who feel that it will change the … Continue reading

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An Argument Against the Benefits of New Media

I recently read the following in a story about someone arguing against the benefits of new media: “..your affection for it has made you describe its effects as the opposite of what they really are. In fact, it will introduce … Continue reading

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Digital Fluency a Necessary Skill for PR Pros

The skills these folks are talking about are what we have started calling “digital fluency.” The focus here is on marketing and public relations, but it is becoming increasingly important to have these skills in all functions of the organization … Continue reading

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The Need for Balance In the Digital Age

For the last year we’ve been researching and working with all different types of organizations in the areas that relate to the use of digital, and especially digital social technologies. One of the most important factors for success (or failure) … Continue reading

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