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    1. Rohit says:

      Interesting stats and a great post from a while back. While I agree it is important to optzmiie how you study a second language there is no need to put a limit of how many characters you should be studying, especially when you are living in China, trying to enjoy a good book, or just taking in the environment around you. There are always new characters to be found. If you can read them all, then it is time to start asking if you can write them all as well.I personally try to base my own new character studying on frequency within books, articles, news broadcasts, etc. If I see a word coming up again and again then I make a point to learn it. While I might still look up other words for meaning, I also try and understand as much as I can based on the surrounding material. If there character doesn’t strike me as being a crucial point to the meaning of the sentence I am quick to forget it until I run into again.I am quickly approaching the 3,000 character mark but that isn’t going to stop me from studying. Every time I look at a poem from the past I am amazed by the new characters that I learn. The Chinese have a great saying that I think we should all try and remember 学无止境 (xue9wfazhǐjecng)knowledge is limitless.

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