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People: The Next Step in Social Software Adoption

The adoption of social software (a.k.a. social media, social computing, enterprise 2.0, etc) within organizations seems to be taking the following general path: focusing first on the tools, then on the broader purpose for those tools, and next, people and their skills … Continue reading

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Inspiration Fluency and Motivation In the Digital Age

In the previous three blog posts, we explained the three tactical digital fluencies, which include information (the ability to gather and use information), interaction (the ability to choose and be confident in one’s identity and in how to operate in … Continue reading

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Perfectionism and Innovation Fluency

There has been a lot of talk over the past decade about the importance of Innovation as the speed of business increases, and the difficulty of creating an innovative organization. As a result of our research, we have found it … Continue reading

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Community, Identity and Interaction Fluency

In the previous post in this series, we talked about the importance of information fluency, which is the ability for a person to gather information, judge its credibility, use and then use and/or share it with other people. This leads … Continue reading

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Information Fluency vs. The HPOA Hoax

A key fluency for any person or organization is what we call Information Fluency. For our framework we’ve defined it as The ability to efficiently and effectively gather, manage, and distribute pertinent information As an example of this fluency, let’s consider Steve … Continue reading

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Introduction To the SociaLens Digital Fluency Framework

The right balance of digital fluencies is an important but often overlooked factor of an organization’s success, along with the more traditional factors of proper technology selection, strategy, and organizational structures. To help organizations make sense of this, we developed … Continue reading

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Remixing Rule of Thumb and Scientific Management

As a half-time academic, there is a constant tension in my head between the need to produce ideas and tools which lean toward usefulness and ones that lean toward scientific soundness.  These two types of ideas are not, of course, … Continue reading

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