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The Phone and the Organization

Take a minute to watch this instructional video from 1954 on how to dial a rotary telephone Now take a minute to think about how new these concepts must have seemed to people in 1954. Now take another minute to … Continue reading

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Fluency, Style and Prediction

A mark of advanced fluency in anything is the ability to recognize a style in someone else. A person fluent in a language can often detect even the slightest hint of a dialect in someone else. A person fluent in … Continue reading

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Why Digital Fluency First? Because All Boats Are Not The Same.

I was writing a response to a blog post this morning explaining why SociaLens helps its clients to focus on digital fluency first, whenever possible before they choose a digital collaboration or marketing tool or formulate a strategy or put policies … Continue reading

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Empowering People in the Digital Age – Involvement Fluency

Any collective endeavor (doing business, collaborating on a project, etc) requires a certain amount of what we call involvement fluency, or the ability to empower other people to accomplish shared objectives. As with the other fluencies in our digital fluency … Continue reading

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Information Fluency vs. The HPOA Hoax

A key fluency for any person or organization is what we call Information Fluency. For our framework we’ve defined it as The ability to efficiently and effectively gather, manage, and distribute pertinent information As an example of this fluency, let’s consider Steve … Continue reading

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Introduction To the SociaLens Digital Fluency Framework

The right balance of digital fluencies is an important but often overlooked factor of an organization’s success, along with the more traditional factors of proper technology selection, strategy, and organizational structures. To help organizations make sense of this, we developed … Continue reading

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Why Every Employee Needs New Media Fluency

More and more cases point to the need for employee social media fluency – and not just for employees within the marketing department.  Consider the case of United Airlines.  For nine months, various employees within the organization, from flight attendants … Continue reading

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