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Great Managers Are Digitally Fluent (Reason 1)

Reason 1: Understanding Employees Most of your employees live in digital culture [1] outside of your organization that tends to lean toward the development and use of open source software, the use of massive collaboration, the viral spread of videos, … Continue reading

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Fear of Twitter?

I have spoken with lots of people over the last couple of years about the interplay between new media and organizations, and i have received lots of different responses, ranging from blind optimism (“Social media is the future of business!”) … Continue reading

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Management's Mental Models of Media

I have fairly recently come to hate flying.  Having lived all over the country and served at different times in roles that require mobility, if have darkened the doorway of many airplanes.  If i really think about it, though, my … Continue reading

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Remixing Rule of Thumb and Scientific Management

As a half-time academic, there is a constant tension in my head between the need to produce ideas and tools which lean toward usefulness and ones that lean toward scientific soundness.  These two types of ideas are not, of course, … Continue reading

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