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Trade-Offs and New Media

As new media begin to be used widely, it is helpful for us to consider the views of people who feel that new media will change the world for the better, and those who feel that it will change the … Continue reading

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Twitter Connects People to What’s Important to Them, Not To What’s Important to Me

The website Mashable today reported that Twitter’s CEO recently said of the company’s vision that We want to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them. Why is this important? Because the folks at Twitter realize that all … Continue reading

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Sketchcast on Social Media as Interfaces

Last week i discovered the idea of sketchcasting on this site.  Given that a lot of the things i explain to university students and to clients is easier to explain through pictures than through text, i thought i would give … Continue reading

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Why Every Employee Needs New Media Fluency

More and more cases point to the need for employee social media fluency – and not just for employees within the marketing department.  Consider the case of United Airlines.  For nine months, various employees within the organization, from flight attendants … Continue reading

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Why Obama Shakes Hands With Guards

When boarding Marine One for the first time, the new president Barack Obama threw the Marine at the door a pretty big curve ball by first saluting, then shaking his hand.  The marine, Obama’s subordinate (remember Obama had just been … Continue reading

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