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The Bottom-Up Changes of “Social Business”

originally posted here on Adaptableorg.com There is a great deal of news, opinion, and discussion these days about the wave of social business which is generally thought to include a shift toward new ways of doing business largely through the use of … Continue reading

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The Phone and the Organization

Take a minute to watch this instructional video from 1954 on how to dial a rotary telephone Now take a minute to think about how new these concepts must have seemed to people in 1954. Now take another minute to … Continue reading

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Organizational Illusions

Most optical illusions require that the observer stand in one place with a limited view of the situation. In an Ames Room, for example, looking through one peephole causes the observer’s sense of perspective and scale to be thrown off. … Continue reading

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How to Cure Social Media-Induced Headaches

When we talk to leaders who are considering the use of social media as a part of their organization’s practice, we frequently see a fundamental dilemma forming in their minds.  It usually starts with a statement like:   “Our people … Continue reading

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The Serendipitous $1,100 Tweet

We’ve had many recent conversations with organizations about the potential value of using various social media, including Twitter and Facebook.  Often we use these two technologies as examples because, of all the popular technologies/communities, they are two that seem the … Continue reading

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