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SociaLens came together in early 2009 with a common goal to better understand the interactions between people, media and organizations in the increasingly digital world.

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  1. Yster says:

    I think the most important thing is addnig 语境 (yǔjecng: context) to everything that you are learning. Rather that spend a day learning 30 new words (that you might use incorrectly) spend the same amount of time learning five or ten words well.Always remember that learning a language isn’t a race. Take your time the first time and you won’t have to spend as much time reviewing again in the future. As far as increasing your lexicon, that is only going to come from spending more time reading, speaking, writing and listening. Finding a healthy balance between them all is the key to fluency in another language. Making Chinese friends is certainly a step in the right direction, what better way to learn a language than by speaking it constantly. I think that the most important thing (for studying) is to find something that you are interested in with the language. I personal have a small obsession with Tang poetry and idioms, so I spend extra time looking for books that help simplify the learning process. There are plenty of resources online to help in the learning process. However, you also have to consider how useful those materials might be, spending an hour watching a TV show where you only understand 10% of what is going on is going to be nearly as effective as spending 1/3 of the time talking with someone on the street or in a coffee shop (plus if you don’t understand you get the added bonus of asking follow up questions and reading body language). Based on your blog posts I would say that you are well on your way. You seem to have a good understanding for what works and doesn’t work for you when it comes to learning Chinese. Everyone is different in this regard. Sometime in the near future I plan on writing my own blog post on studying characters specifically. I’m going to take the approach of a teaching students how to learn Chinese characters, using a few recent lectures I’ve attending in regards to the topic.

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