Mission and Principles

Our Mission

SociaLens promotes digital fluency in people and organizations.

Our Principles

  • Awareness over knowledge
  • Adaptation over correctness
  • Judgment over methods
  • Discipline over luck
  • Systemic thinking over specialization
  • Human focus
  • Sustainability

Therefore, SociaLens will practice and promote:

  • Awareness – Include customers, partners and public in as many of our activities as possible
  • Adaptation – Include customers, partners and public in as much of our decision making as possible
  • Judgment – Promote and reward judgment over rote method or best practice
  • Discipline – Promote discipline in that which can become a discipline
  • Systems Thinking – Promote systems thinking through cross-pollination and open communication
  • Human Focus – Promote human focus through human awareness
  • Sustainability – Find ways to make SociaLens sustainable by and for all of its stakeholders

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